Botulinum Toxin – Botox

Got 3 areas of Botox 6 days ago. My right eyebrow seems lower and eyelid baggy. Can this be fixed at my 2 week check up?

The eyebrow and eyelid can droop if the amount of botox injected in your forehead is too much for you or if it has trickled from above the brow into the eyelid muscle. It may even itself out after 2 weeks as one side of the face may have ‘taken’ and the other side has not. If problem remains after 2 weeks, it may be correctable by injecting in certain areas to compensate for the droop but it will resolve itself within a few weeks anyway.

This is my 4th time having Botox and I feel like it didn't take the same this time. Why did this happen?

Results from Botox treatment vary from doctor to doctor. It depends on the part of the forehead injected, if there is any migration, if the muscle has been partly missed. Hence the result is very much user dependant.

Botox for eyelid twitch. Is there a chance of having ptosis after such a small dosage?

Eyelid twitch is annoying. Botox can certainly help but as with all Botox injections there is a 1 in 200 chance that it can track from the place of injection and affect other muscles. So I guess you have 1 in 200 chance of a droop similar to getting Botox to the frown area for example.

Chemical Peel

Will chemical peels help with atrophic acne scars on the nose?

You have some scarring and indentations on the nose. The marks will be helped by laser or TCA peel. However, the indentations will not resolve fully. Repeat treatments of micro needling and peels should produce a good result though.

Derma Roller

I accidentally used salicylic acid 2% after derma rolling acne scars 0.5mm needle, could this cause an issue?

Using salicylic acid after dermal roller can irritate the skin resulting in redness, flaking and possibly darkening of the skin. I would advise you to allow 2 weeks for the skin to heal, use a sun block factor 30+ and avoid using salicylic acid and micro needling together.

Dermal Fillers

Can you give me some advice on how to treat hollow temples?

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma is very good but you may need 2-3ml on each side so it may cost you £1500-£2500. It will last around 2 years but you may need to add a little to them after 1 year. Fat transfer is another option which will last longer and cost around £4000. However, it you are not happy with the appearance after fat transfer it is difficult to correct. Temples is a risky area due to the close proximation of arteries. You must seek treatment from an experienced professional. I would not choose a practitioner based on low cost.

What are these dark lines around my mouth and how do I get rid of them?

You have peri oral hyperpigmentation which is increased melanin in the skin. Causes are multiple. Treatment would include TCA peel or laser.

Filler to mental crease is affecting speech and movement of mouth. Is this normal?

There could be a few reasons for your symptoms.

  1. Filler has migrated into the muscle
  2. The amount of filler has been too much for you
  3. There is swelling in the area

Swelling will settle within 2 weeks. If symptoms are worsening or not improving, you should return to your practitioner and they may want to dissolve some of the filler if needed.

What is more likely to cause the “pillow face” look, fat transfer or fillers?

I would say hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a safer bet as they can be easily corrected using hyalase to dissolve them. Fat transfer is harder to correct. Pillow face usually occurs if too much product is injected and in the wrong area.


Severe upper lip bruising after lip filler. Is this a normal outcome?

The amount of bruising after lip filler is variable. It occurs if blood vessels are traumatised by the needle but also from massaging the lips to flatten or even out the filler. If the area becomes raised, with white marks and is very painful, then it needs immediate attention as the blood flow in an artery might be compromised.

Is it normal I can still see Juvederm in my lips from 2.5 years ago?

Usually the filler will breakdown over 1-2 years and is not apparent after that time. Occasionally, depending on your body’s ability to breakdown the filler, it can last past 2 years. If it is concerning you then you can have it dissolved using hyalase which will turn it to water and it will get absorbed by the tissues.

Lip Augmentation

What is the best filler for lips?

I wouldn’t say there is a BEST filler for lip as every practitioner and patient has their own preference. I quite like Juvederm Volift for the lip. It is not hard so you have a nice feel to the lip. But it has enough volume to plump the lips. You probably need more filler if you can’t see much difference. Most people would use 1-2ml in the lips.


Can I have permanent redness from microneedling stretch marks? Not sure what to do.

It is rare to get persistent or prolonged redness after microneedling. It is possible that you may have low grade infection or inflammation. A steroid or antibacterial cream may help.

Non Surgical Facelift

I have had 2 treatments of HIFU facial, there is no change on the right side of my face. Why could this happen?

You feel HIFU has had good result on your left side but not your right. Face is usually not perfectly symmetrical and it is likely that the right side of you face had more loose skin compared to the left. You may want to get extra treatment on the right side only to even the results.


Could I be allergic to Restylane? 3 weeks post op.

Infection is one possibility, However, it is rare and will usually present with redness, heat and pain. In the picture, I can’t see much inflammation so I would say that the filler has migrated to the surface and some of it may need dissolved to make it flush with the skin. I would recommend a review from your practitioner.

Can Restylane migrated to arm or legs?

Filler in the cheeks should have no effect on your arms and legs or blurring of vision. Your symptoms are probably due to a different cause and not linked to the filler treatment.

TCA Peel

I did a 80% TCA peel, did I burn myself?

You have developed post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You should seek help from a medical professional and will need a few different creams to help resolve this.

Thread Lift

Would I be a good candidate for a threadlift?

You have very mild facial sagging so thread lift should work well for you. It usually works well for mild to moderate sagginess but not for severe sagginess.


Will Volbella give me a good ‘base’ to hold other products?

Having volbella in lips will not have any impact on future treatment. Any further treatment would just build on any existing filler. Having volbella in the lip will not enhance the results. Volbella contains Hyaluronic Acid just like any other HA filler.



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