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It’s inevitable that people age with time. Your youthful appearance is no longer what it once used to be, and you likely begin to experience the effects of sagging jowls.

A jowl is the sagging skin that is found below your jawline or chin. With time, skin loses its natural elasticity, meaning it begins to thin. Some people don’t experience it as much as others, and it’s because they have more collagen or naturally thicker skin in this area.

Although everyone faces this problem with old age, there are a number of treatment options you can undertake to remedy this loss of collagen and elastin.

  • Thread Lift

A thread lift is one popular treatment that can be used for this purpose. The process is just as its name would imply, as professionals use a special thread in order to give you a facelift.

People use it as a safer alternative to the usual facelift surgery, as there are fewer risks involved with the procedure. The needles that are inserted in the soft tissue of your skin will ensure that your sagging jowl is no more, leaving in its place a firm and tightened jawline and chin.

  • HIFU

HIFU is known as a high-intensity focused ultrasound, and it is a non-surgical approach that patients can take to improve their sagging jowls.

This procedure makes use of ultrasound energy that releases accurate beams to tighten your skin tissue. The result, then, is an increase in the production of collagen and the rejuvenation of your tissue.

Once this process is complete, you are left with lifted skin!

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that draws out excess fat from any parts of your body. It breaks it up and is done so through a cannula instrument that is placed under your skin, to which a vacuum type device is applied.

This particular process is especially useful if you have fat around your chin and jawline, which you may mistake for sagging. Unlike the procedures above, you don’t need to reposition your skin with liposuction.

  • Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are needle-like injectable fillers that are injected in your skin to smooth its appearance. In essence, soft tissue fillers are used.

This procedure not only improves sagging jowls, but it softens your entire facial features and creases, removing any scars you had, as well as wrinkles.

  • Exercise

The health benefits of exercise are extensive, but it can even be seen as a natural remedy for sagging jowls! While this will not stop your skin from losing its natural elastin completely, it can certainly help.

Make a point of working out your facial muscles. One common work out is the yawn exercise. You have to open your mouth as if you are preparing to yawn and begin to slowly close it counting to 20 seconds, ensuring that your upper and lower teeth do not close together. Repeat this process a few times.

The next time you start to notice the appearance of sagging skin, especially when jowls are concerned, remember that there is always a remedy! Book an appointment with a professional, and learn more about the procedures already outlined here.



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