How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – Micro-Needling Around Eyes

As you age mild swelling or puffiness under your eyes is common – the tissues supporting your eyelids weaken and fat that supports your eyes can move into the lower lids. Fluids can accumulate in the space below your eyes causing additional swelling. Other symptoms can include dark circles and all these cosmetic concerns can be improved with a simple minimally invasive treatment. See how to get rid of eye bags-micro needling around eyes here…

What Causes Eye Bags?

Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by lack of sleep or prolonged stress – your skin is telling you something about your health. It may be a genetic issue, or you might have a skin type that’s prone to developing dark circles. Dark skins are subject to periorbital melanosis which is another possible health implication.

Puffiness can be due to fluid retention, often on wakening or after eating a salty meal. Allergies, atopic dermatitis, and smoking can also play a part. Tissue structures and muscles weaken with age and surrounding skin will start to sag – a thin epidermis or dermis under the eye is also a contributing factor.
Other possible indications are asthma, deoxygenated blood, and increased melanin, with the most significant factor being your family history.

What Does Micro-Needling Around The Eyes Involve?

Microneedling eye bags is a process where minuscule needles penetrate the surface of the skin under the eyes. The small punctures are a form of controlled injury which stimulates the body to begin a natural repair – new skin cells are generated which take away the darkness under the eyes.

The treatment is virtually pain-free as a local anaesthetic is applied to the area about 45 minutes before. A minimum of three skin needling sessions is recommended, about six weeks apart for optimal effect. Microneedling for under eye hollows has been proven to be safe and effective – the skin has an improved texture as the collagen formation process begins.

What Are The Results?

The eye-specific microneedle can improve fine wrinkles, eye pigmentation, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. You’ll be able to see changes after the first session as old skin cells peel off and new ones take their place. Dark circles, wrinkles, and eye bags reduce and disappear as the skin under the eyes becomes firmer and healthier looking.

Microneedling around the eyes can be performed on all skin types and the results of the skin rejuvenation can be seen after just six weeks and will continue to improve for up to a year or more.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

Make sure that you get an initial complimentary consultation with a highly trained and fully qualified cosmetic doctor such as Dr Q at the Luxe Skin Clinic. Here you’ll be able to discuss any health concerns and any medication that you’re currently talking. The treatment isn’t suitable for you if you have open wounds or cuts, had radiation treatment in the last year, or are pregnant or breastfeeding – get a full list of reasons why you shouldn’t have the procedure when you make your enquiries.

The recovery time after the procedure is about 48 hours. Common issues may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Stinging and itching
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Tightness

Following your treatment you’ll be given all the aftercare advice you need from your practitioner. The procedure is mechanical and doesn’t require any chemicals so it’s much safer than surgical options. Healing time is shorter, and there’s no post treatment sensitivity to UV light.



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0141 573 1473
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