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Dermal fillers are gels used in cosmetic surgery that contain hyaluronic acid, a chemical which is also present in human skin. The acid retains fluid which provides skin its healthy and balanced plump qualities. By raising the hyaluronic acid concentrations within your skin, we will further enhance plumpness.

Lip Filler Midlothian
The filler solution we employ also contains lidocaine which will aid in further minimising any irritation which can be sensed during the procedure of Luxe Clinic’s lip fillers Midlothian service.

When applied to your lip area, they will develop to be plumper and fuller. Moreover, dermal fillers stimulate collagen production around the treatment area. Over the following weeks, this will improve the skin by fortifying it.

Juvederm, a respected producer of dermal filler gel, now offers a premium option. At Luxe Clinic, this is the sole compound that we use in order to assure the most satisfactory results from our lip fillers Midlothian technique. Their ‘light’ product, Volbella, is the best lip filler that can be purchased and is optimised for providing a smooth finish.

The improvement which makes Juvederm’s premium selection so brilliant is known as ‘Vycross’. The substance allows the lighter hyaluronic molecules to ‘cross-link’, which means the filler will more easily with your present skin, creating a smoother finish.

The enhanced finish is the reason why your lips will seem more natural with respect to the way that they look and feel while providing an increased potential lift. However, as a bonus, it also helps ensure the gel itself will be simpler to embed which decreases the pain involved.


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Dermal Fillers Prices

The price for our lip enhancement Midlothian service depends on the amount of gel you need to be applied:

  • 0.5ml – £200
  • 1ml – £375
  • 2ml – £650


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What Are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

Doctor Q’s lip fillers Midlothian technique posesses a number of advantages over any other options for the following reasons:

Non-invasive: This cosmetic process is considerably less invasive than a lot of alternatives. Apart from some slight bruising which will stay for around two weeks, there’s no more downtime.

Rejuvenates Skin: The hyaluronic acid gel we employ in our lip fillers Midlothian treatment won’t only expand the plumpness of your lips, but it will also enhance the skin by letting it keep extra moisture.

Trustworthy: In the expert conditions of Luxe Clinic, with an experienced medical practitioner like Doctor Q, our lip fillers Dragon procedure delivers superb results that will reliably last for months subsequently.

Fast Results: As soon as the treatment is concluded, the impact will be noticeable at once. In addition, they are going to only improve across the subsequent 90 days as collagen production is boosted.

Affordable: Our dermal fillers costs are incredibly reasonably priced and will remain for a an extended time, as a result you will have healthy, plump lips which will improve throughout the first three months.

How long will lip fillers last?
Everyone breaks down the premium lip filler that we use at a different rate. However, you can anticipate that the gel will remain anywhere from 6 to 9 months following application.

Professional Lip Fillers Midlothian From Luxe Skin

Opened in 2012, the Luxe Clinic has swiftly developed into a respected centre for aesthetic cosmetic treatments in the United Kingdom. Through fantastic and meticulous service in combination with Dr. Qureshi’s comprehensive knowledge in this technical area, we have earned a reputation for brilliance.

We demand brilliance through each of our services from botox to our lip fillers Midlothian procedure. If you decide to visit the Luxe Clinic in the middle of Glasgow, you can rest assured you are dealing with the best.

We have made a commitment to routinely make use of industry-leading methods in each of our treatments and will undertake every one of the necessary steps to make sure you are fully-informed and relaxed before the process begins.

We handle each customer as an individual, well aware that everybody has their own unique demands. We will invest time to come up with a bespoke plan to allow for your circumstances.

At the Luxe Clinic, we deliver an in depth service which will ensure you are entirely satisfied; we’re not interested in simply selling you a syringe packed with a certain product. Our lip fillers Midlothian procedure prioritises experience and care.

Meet Doctor Q

At the core of the Luxe Clinic is the esteemed Dr Usman Qureshi, the medical professional who will conduct your lip fillers Midlothian procedure. Affectionately addressed as Dr Q by his clientele, he graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2002 and shifted to cosmetic medicine in 2011, working with some of the finest specialists in London.n.

Doctor Q permits only perfection and constantly signs up for tutorials and training courses to sharpen his craft. Because of this dedication, he has become an industry leader in the intricate and developing world of cosmetic medicine.

Consultations are a vital part of the treatment we provide at our clinic. The chat you’ll have with Doctor Q will be open and educational. Inquiries that you may have will be clarified thoroughly, and all of the potential risks and benefits involved will be layed out.

With regard to the quality of the end result from procedures such as our lip fillers Midlothian service, the most crucial variable is the specialist performing the work. Possessing talent and confidence in their abilities are vital, as well as the ability to properly manage any issues which can occur.

One component of what makes Dr Q so highly respected is his dedication to working out a solution to your cosmetic needs, rather than pushing a certain service or product.


Earlier this month, National Newspaper journalist and and founder of online magazine Styletto Lisa Boyle came to visit Luxe Skin by Doctor Q for her first ever botox treatment.

"I am really happy"

I used to go to a different clinic which was much cheaper but I was never satisfied with the results. I always felt that the treatment was rushed. I wanted to try someone else and went to Doctor Q. He really listened to me and advised me on treatments that met my needs. I had Botox to 3 areas and filler around the mouth and nose. He is always available by phone or email for advice. I am really happy with the results.

Mary B

0141 573 1473
3rd Floor  |  227 Ingram Street  |  Glasgow  |  G1 1DA

0141 573 1473
3rd Floor  |  227 Ingram Street  |  Glasgow  |  G1 1DA