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Dermal fillers are a gel-like substance consisting of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is also produced naturally within the skin. This chemical’s job involves holding moisture, which aids in keeping skin healthy and large in volume. By inserting more hyaluronic acid, we can improve volume allowing it to keep more moisture.

Lip Filler Scottish Borders
The filler substance we utilise includes lidocaine which will help to further minimise any irritation which can be sensed during the treatment of Luxe Clinic’s lip fillers Scottish Borders service.

Once your lips are enhanced with dermal fillers, collagen construction will be improved. Consequently, the lip will end up fuller as the filler increases volume. Over the following weeks, the skin will become more robust and healthier.

At Luxe Clinic we employ the premium range of dermal filler gels available from Juvederm. This lets us deliver unparalleled results when it comes to our lip fillers Scottish Borders service. Their ‘light’ type of the product, named Volbella, is undoubtedly the best lip filler obtainable and, along with Dr Q’s skill, will guarantee an excellent result.

This superior range of filler by Juvederm utilises Vycross technology. By encouraging lower weighted hyaluronic acid molecules to ‘cross-link’. The end result of this course of action is a more refined finish as the filler will integrate much better with your skin.

The enhanced finish is the reason why your lips will be more organic with respect to the way they appear and feel while providing a more substantial lift potential. Furthermore, as a bonus, it also assures the filler itself will be simpler to embed which reduces the irritation involved.


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Dermal Fillers Prices

The price for our lip enhancement Scottish Borders treatment is determined by how much gel you need to be applied:

  • 0.5ml – £200
  • 1ml – £375
  • 2ml – £650


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What Are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

Doctor Q’s lip fillers Scottish Borders procedure boasts a variety of advantages over any alternatives for the following reasons:

Comfortable: When compared with a number of other techniques, and less reputable clinics, the treatment is extremely unobtrusive. The only side effect to anticipate is going to be some modest bruising for two weeks or so.

Rejuvenates Skin: A rise in volume is just one outcome of the hyaluronic acid applied in our lip fillers Scottish Borders treatment. As moisture preservation is boosted, the skin will also become revitalised and healthy.

Trustworthy: In the specialist conditions of Luxe Skin, with an established medical practitioner such as Doctor Q, our lip fillers Dragon treatment offers fantastic results which will reliably last for many months to come.

Immediate Results: As soon as the injections are completed, the effects will be evident right away. Additionally, they will only improve across the next 90 days as collagen creation is boosted.

Affordable: Our dermal fillers costs are extremely affordable and will last for a an extended time, as a result you will have healthy, plump lips that will enhance for the duration of the initial 3 months.

How long will lip fillers last?
Every person breaks down the superior lip gel that we employ at varying rates. Nevertheless, you can trust that the gell will last for roughly 6 to 9 months after application.

Professional Lip Fillers Scottish Borders From Luxe Skin

Established in 2012, the Luxe Clinic has promptly developed into a top centre for cosmetic services in this country. Through excellent and meticulous service in conjunction with Dr. Qureshi’s extensive experience in this specialised area, we have earned a history of perfection.

Regardless of whether you are considering our lip fillers Scottish Borders treatment, or any other cosmetic procedure which we offer out of our centre in the middle of Glasgow, you can count on the fact that you’re in good hands.

It is our policy to consistently use the most sophisticated techniques in all of our treatments and will take every one of the necessary steps to make sure you are fully-informed and comfortable before the process starts.

We always create a plan which works specifically for you; we recognise that each and every one of our customers are people that have their own distinct cosmetic aim. By detailing everything that you would like to achieve, we will propose a suitable procedure to accomodate your needs.

At Luxe Skin, we provide an extensive service which will leave you entirely satisfied; we’re not interested in merely selling you a syringe filled with a particular product. Our lip fillers Scottish Borders process prioritises competence and care.

Meet Doctor Q

At the foundation of the Luxe Clinic is the talented Dr Usman Qureshi, the medical professional who will conduct your lip fillers Scottish Borders treatment. Affectionately named Dr Q by his clients, he graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2002 and transferred to the cosmetic industry in 2011, learning from the most accomplished practitioners in London.n.

Doctor Q doesn’t feel that you can ever give up learning and thus frequently attends training courses and tutorials around the country. Because of this, he is on the bleeding edge of this fast changing and evolving industry of cosmetic medicine.

Consultations are an essential aspect of the procedures you can expect from our clinic. The talk you will have with Doctor Q will be transparent and enlightening. Any questions that you might have will be answered comprehensively, and all of the potential risks and benefits associated will be layed out.

There are a lot of variables with regards to cosmetic therapies like our lip fillers Scottish Borders service. However, the most crucial one is the doctor you hire. Not only do they must be confident in their expertise, but they also ought to be qualified to take care of any difficulties which may arise.

One part of what makes Dr Q so well-respected is his dedication to finding a solution to your aesthetic needs, rather than just pushing a particular service or product.


Earlier this month, National Newspaper journalist and and founder of online magazine Styletto Lisa Boyle came to visit Luxe Skin by Doctor Q for her first ever botox treatment.

"I am really happy"

I used to go to a different clinic which was much cheaper but I was never satisfied with the results. I always felt that the treatment was rushed. I wanted to try someone else and went to Doctor Q. He really listened to me and advised me on treatments that met my needs. I had Botox to 3 areas and filler around the mouth and nose. He is always available by phone or email for advice. I am really happy with the results.

Mary B

0141 573 1473
3rd Floor  |  227 Ingram Street  |  Glasgow  |  G1 1DA

0141 573 1473
3rd Floor  |  227 Ingram Street  |  Glasgow  |  G1 1DA