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  • Less Tired
  • Less Saggy
  • Less Angry
  • Less Sad
  • More Contoured
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  • More Young

As you age, you get hollowing of the temples causing the brows to drop. The fat pads under the eyes reduce resulting in formation of tear troughs or under eye hollows. You lose fat at the back of the face around the cheeks which causes the skin to fall forwards giving rise to nasolabial folds, marionette lines, downturned mouth corners and jowls. All of this results in squaring of the face. Hence you start looking tired, sad and exhausted.

So rather than using dermal fillers to chase lines on the face such as the nose to mouth or mouth to chin lines, you will get a far superior result if the filler is placed strategically in areas of volume loss. This will help “pull” the skin back giving a more youthful appearance. Whereas just filling up the lines gives an “over-filled” or cushion appearance.

Full face rejuvenation uses 8-12 syringes of filler placed carefully around the face rather than just aggregating them in the lines. This results in a natural, contoured and younger looking YOU. We use Juvederm Voluma and Volift which lasts 18 – 24 months. So after your initial treatment, you only require small amount of regular maintenance to combat the signs of ageing as they happen. It is best to start treatment sooner than later. As the longer you leave it, the most expensive it becomes to have the desired result.

How Much Does It Cost?

Full face rejuvenation using Juvederm Voluma and Volift fillers costs from £750.

Is It Better Than A Surgical Facelift?

A surgical facelift only addresses one concerns which is loose skin. It does not make the face more contoured or address volume loss around the cheeks, eyes and temples. Also it is a high risk procedure with complications associated with surgery and anaesthesia. If the surgery results in any facial asymmetry, it can be difficult to correct and requires repeat surgery. The downtime after the surgery can be 4-6 weeks. It costs £6k – £8k and results last around 5 years. It can often give a “stretched” appearance to the face.


  • Full face rejuvenation using Juvederm has the following advantages
  • Literally no downtime. You can go back to work the next day
  • Much smaller risk profile than surgery
  • Treatment can be easily “topped-up” and corrected in case of asymmetry
  • Fillers are reversible and can be dissolved using Hyalase. Hence complications are
    easier to correct.
  • Addresses the cause of sagginess by replacing volume loss giving a more natural appearance
  • Easier to maintain with small regular treatments targeting age effects on time
  • Treatment is tailored so you look less tired and saggy and more contoured and younger
  • People often say it makes them look 10 years younger

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